<i>Delivering</i> <i>Globally</i> <i>Accredited</i><i>Innovation</i>
<i>Delivering</i> <i>Globally</i> <i>Accredited</i><i>Innovation</i>
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Delivering Globally AccreditedInnovation

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Powered by GInI, the world's foremost business innovation certification program.
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The APAC Innovation Institute was founded after becoming recognised as the exclusive training partner in Australia for the Global Innovation Institute, Gini.

The APAC Innovation Institute has a shared mission to educate and deliver globally accredited innovation training for professionals seeking to accelerate their careers, and unlock higher collective intelligence for the organisations where they lead.

We exist to demystify innovation and enable our community of outliers to deliver value through applied innovation.

After the COVID pandemic disrupted markets globally and with S&P500 company’s average tenure sinking from 60 years down to just 18 years, today, there has never been a greater need for innovation and transformation in business and government.

The APAC Innovation Institute is building a movement of change makers, so that we can open global networks and harness the power of a Community of Practice. We believe that the solution to hybrid workplaces, local issues and global challenges exists in applied innovation. We imagine a globally connected community of innovators speaking a common language, a community that becomes a distributed applied innovation network

We are the entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovators who know how to dream big, be bold, and achieve extraordinary by unlocking our collective intelligence.

As we embark on our journey to empower catalysts for change and impact, you will come to belong to our awesome innovation community.

Applied innovation will reshape the world we live in, and we know that you are the dreamers and doers who want to be part of an extraordinary journey and live life with an abundance mindset. So, while autonomous vehicles are said to be ultra safe, this ride needs you to buckle in, because we’re always going outside of our comfort zone. 


Finbar O’Hanlon - CCInO, CInP, Applied Innovation Master Instructor
Warwick Peel - Applied Innovation Training Partner (IdeaScale)
David Harutyunyan - Applied Innovation Training Partner (IdeaScale)
Jackie Cernoy - Alumni Experience

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